Why different sizes of windsocks?

Many people who order windsocks have never actually been close enough to touch one. Like most people, they have only seen them from a distance. This causes some misperceptions about sizing. For instance, most people perceive a stop light hanging at an intersection to be only a foot or so tall and the lights themselves to be the size of an orange. Actually, these lights are over three feet tall and the lights themselves are the size of basketballs. Windsocks are usually mounted as high as possible on a tower or on top of a building, much higher than the average stoplight! They must be easily seen to perform their function.

If you have any questions about our windsocks, or would like us to recommend a size for your application, e-mail us at: sales@pekinc.com or give us a call.

The following guide may help you choose a size to fit your intended use:

Model Size Usage
WS8-WS13 8 or 13 inch diameter For portable buildings, small construction sites, etc. Should never be mounted above one story high.
WS18 18 inch diameter This is the standard industrial size windsock most commonly used.
WS24-WS36 24 or 36" diameter These windsocks are most commonly used at airports or aviation sites.